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August 14, 2021


November 13-14, 20-21, 2021


Year Round



I am Elana Rose Connor. I'm forty-one years old and have Pitt Hopkins syndrome.   


I first started doing art when I was a little girl to make my Pop proud. He has been an artist my whole life and is a big inspiration to me. My passion comes from my ability to make an impact on people. The impact I hope to make is that people will stop seeing us as so different. Hopefully they will see me in themselves.​

When I start a piece of art I try to let the colors choose themselves. 


I don't look, I just hope the colors will play well together. The medium I use is oil paint bars, watercolors, acrylic, paper, and canvas. When I put oil to paper I just let loose.

The spiral is the main technique I use.   


I let the spiral flow through me. The spiral is the essence of all life. It's in every molecule in the universe. I feel very calm, connected to life, and at ease when I'm encompassed by the spiral. Art has opened many doors for me. It's a community. I'm able to express myself. I feel a huge sense of accomplishment. I now want to give credit for the love I have received. First to my mom and pop. Next to my loving life coaches, they are the best. I would like to give a lions roar of credit to my studio, Imagine Art. I'm grateful for the beautiful and creative community they've built.

To everyone in the world, I love you. Never forget how beautiful you are.

Elana has a rare genetic disorder called Pitt Hopkins, currently placed on the autism spectrum. Although she is almost completely non-verbal, she can speak by spelling words via a communication board. This process takes large amounts of time and concentration...but always proves to be worth it.


The money raised from Elana's artwork goes towards providing her with a team of helpers and caregivers, as well as towards Elana's art supplies and studio time.

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